ITEM: itemID Radiator+Fan Combo For Chevy El Camino 1978-1987/ Nova 1975-79/Monte Carlo 83-88 for sale -
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Radiator+Fan Combo For Chevy El Camino 1978-1987/ Nova 1975-79/Monte Carlo 83-88 for sale

Radiator+Fan Combo For Chevy El Camino 1978-1987/ Nova 1975-79/Monte Carlo 83-88

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Radiator+Fan Combo For Chevy El Camino 1978-1987/ Nova 1975-79/Monte Carlo 83-88:

DescriptionWe are a professional manufacturer of All-aluminum radiator, ensuring that you get a brand-new product.LUXERADis a brand we have created to provide the best All-aluminum radiator .Our product quality is reliable and has a one-year warranty.
Thisall-aluminumradiator provides maximum cooling efficiency and prevents premature engine failure. The advantages that are light weight, heat transfer aluminum using tube and fin design can significantly increase the heat surface area, so that heat more efficient dissipation.Radiator Details

* Core size: 666mm x 428mm x 44mm / 26.22 x 16.85 x 1.73 inches* Inlet/Outlet: 38mm / 40mm* Rows: 3* Made of high quality Aluminum material for maximum cooling efficiency* High performance Spec. 3-row racing design.* Improves cooling by 35 - 45% temp.* Light weight direct bolt-on OEM fitment or replacement.* All New Radiators - 100% leak tested.* The tanks are 100% welded by TIG.Shipping

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