How To Evaluate A Classic Car To See If It Is Original

Purveying classic cars comes naturally to you—and, for good reason. Classic cars embody everything most beloved about the automotive industry from their sweeping exterior lines to unique interiors, innovative engine designs and more. However, before you invest in a classic car, it's essential to know that your vintage vehicle is ready to roll with most of its original qualities still intact. Whether you're poised to purchase an Austin Healey 3000, a Studebaker Speedster, a Lincoln Continental or a Chevrolet Camaro, the value of having those original parts at your full disposal supersedes the flashiness of updated modification parts.

Open Your Eyes to Novelty

You're ready to hand over your cash for the title, but have you really given that classic car a good look? Sure, custom fit seat covers, dust-free car covers and front end car bras are great at protecting against wear and tear, but it's key to know that what lies beneath the veneer is in fact original. While it's fine to guard your classic ride from whatever elements are out to harm it, make sure you're not selling yourself short with a car that's donning more modern parts than the classic ones you were after in the first place.

Sitting inside a classic with a truly desirable interior is almost as fun as enjoying its exterior qualities. That's why OEM floor mats like WeatherTech, Lloyd logo mats and other carpet floor mats are your best bet to clean floorboards. But be sure not to overdo it with the aftermarket accessories as they often take away from the best things about your car. Instead, use them when you need to and swap them out when you don't.

However, maintaining a level of high performance in your classic car really gets the inner motor revved up. While you don't want to burn cash on massive exhaust system overhauls, spending some coin on new exhaust pipes and kits from top performance brands like Magnaflow exhaust products and others are a good way to improve several aspects of your car. From improved power levels to turning more heads on the street, going with some of these new mods give your engine added bite and torque boost.

And, for those of you going after that classic pickup truck, dial it in with bigger gains while having total control over system settings with truck performance chip tuners. It's not like you need to replace your engine in order to get the most out of these aftermarket accessories—quite the contrary. Most performance chips and tuners come with plug and play features, so they're ready to go right out of the box.

Moreover, while you might not be aiming for the absolute in pulling power by owning a classic pickup truck, having a selection of trailer hitch receivers at your disposal is always a good idea. One weekend you might be tooling around town en route to a Sunday gathering with your other enthusiast friends, while the next you might need to be towed to a different location for a local auto show. Keep the mileage on your original engine at a minimum and think about what you can get out of products from Banks, Curt hitch specialists and Lund.

Stay True to Its Roots in History

Sometimes there's no getting around the addition of modification parts to your classic vehicle. For example, chrome grilles and other classic car chrome accessories can be a fun way to giving your ride some modern flair. But hold on to the true aspects of your car that make it a classic. You'll happier in the long run if it ever comes time to sell, and so will its future buyer. Just remember to have fun with making it yours, just don't go overboard.