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How to Get Cheap Car Insurance
Car insurance is an essential but that doesn’t mean that you should have to pay over the odds for it. Many drivers don’t even realise that insurance providers do offer various types of discounts for your car insurance policy.
An example of this is that if you do not use your car to drive to work, then this will put you in a lower risk category and therefore be cheaper as it means that you are more than likely not going to be on the motorway during peak traffic times, and are therefore at a lower risk of having an accident. Drivers will also get a discount if they have not had any traffic accidents or claims on their insurance policy in the past. Other discounts which were listed on include:

  • Age discount – many insurers have a discount for drivers who are over a certain age.  This age is usually around 55.
  • Professional organisations – some providers will offer discounts to those who are a member of a professional organisation.
  • Combined coverage – if you have more than one car and insure them with the same insurance company, then this will help to reduce your overall premiums.
  • Safety Features – if your car has safety features fitted, such as seat belts, then this will also help decrease your costs.
  • Higher Excess – if you choose a higher excess level when you are applying for your car insurance, which is the amount of money you have to pay in order to have your car repaired, then you are assuming a higher level of risk and will therefore qualify for a lower rate.

However; cheaper car insurance may not be the best option for you. When shopping around for deals on your policy, you should never just look at the price; the details of the policy are just as important as you’ll want one that takes into account your specific circumstances.

Steve Sweeney, head of motor insurance at moneysupermarket.com has warned people with one particular issue when they take out their car insurance; “There is an even greater need to compare prices if you have a speeding conviction. Although about a third of providers will not increase the premium for one blemish on your record, serial speeders will find fewer providers willing to insure them and at increased prices.”

It’s for reasons like this why it’s so important to do a car insurance quotes comparison on a variety of different policies as well as the circumstances they cover, otherwise you could end up finding out the hard way that you’re not completely covered.

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