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67 68 69 SS396 Camaro,Firebird "Harrison" Radiator Big Block Auto Transmission for sale

67 68 69 SS396 Camaro,Firebird

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67 68 69 SS396 Camaro,Firebird "Harrison" Radiator Big Block Auto Transmission:

Up for grabs a very seldom seen original real GM big block automatic 4 core 67, 68 ,69 Camaro SS396 or possibly 67, 60, 69, Firebird 400 radiator in good condition. This Radiator is 23 inches wide ,it features it’s original tank original core and brackets which match up exactly to the other Camaro radiator we have listed as well as others I have here for a big block. I have not been able to verify the tank codes exactly to determine it’s 100% correct and accurate application. if you do know please message me and let me know. Overall radiator did hold water it is a good part to have restored and as we all know 4 core radiators in any form are virtually impossible. This very well may fit 68 69 Camaro big block automatic with air automatic high horsepower with 373 or 410 rear gear, 68 69 Firebird 400 ram Air III for automatic cars or automatic with air-conditioning . Please do your homework and if you know what the application is please share with us. if you’re doing a real car ,a real restoration to make it righteous and Concours correct this is a must. This may be correct for a 1967 Camaro SS 396 4N, L-34, 1968 Camaro SS 396 L-34, L-35,,1969 SS396 L-78, 396-375 HP With an automatic transmission as well.This will be boxed up well and shipped USPS ground calculated by the purchasers address.
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